If anyone doubted Pugmons credentials as a animal lover , he just might impress you with his brief stint as the Chief of Operations of the local Rats Freemasons Society.
Summer is again the flavour of the month and  Pugmon has his hands full! 
          Red is the new Black 

                      Burst of Gold 


        Bloom of Thorns !


            Summer Delights


                  Tiara of Gods


                  Drops of Sun


     Exclusive  Club Member

 Everyone got rudely awoken at the crack of dawn, Further investigation revealed Pugmon having a animated discussion with a short whiskered squirrel who had arrived with a truckload of materials to build a condo atop our meter box. The terms and conditions couldnt be agreed upon and he moved onto cheaper real estate ! 
Summer reveals all creatures hard at work ; building new nests and remodelling older ones, Caterpillars eating away at the new leaves as fast as they can to attend the Grand Summer Butterfly Prom, Flowers blooming, competing with each other to gift summer fresh nectar to the bands of ants awakened from the long winter chill.
Pugmon too broke his siesta to greet the new tadpoles playing tag in the lotus pond. After being forcibly retired from his last summer job as Chief of Operations, caught smuggling bread and tried for espionage, he is now back at his old job as founder Guru of the Sleeping yoga, the yogic positions he can manage in his sleep is worth a study. 
This Summer like every other, brings birth of hope to myriad of creatures, including us, as we step out of the gloom of dark winter to the light of summer hope..