Standing barely inches from the ground, Pugmon is no pushover. Regal in bearing and confident as a Ninja, always wears his unseen T-Shirt captioned ‘ Take Me As I Am ‘


           ” YoTalking to me ?”

In the world of lilliputian prejudices; often labeled ‘ Too Tall’ , Too Fat, Too Dark, Too Short , introvert , moody, the list  goes on to the moon and back. Never allowed to forget , Never allowed to be us ,we always have a mask at hand. 
 Pugmon and his kind , their cat cousins , horses, birds & bees comes in all shapes and sizes and we invaraibly find them fascinating and cute.
There seldom is an ugly dog or too white cat or a too brown horse. Not so lucky we get measured on looks, colour, the works, not only by others but even by the mirrors on our walls.
Pugmon hates fish ;  no amount of pleading ,threats or bribes can make him eat it. Threats are usually met with an indignant expression of ” Am I a cat ? ” Until the menu order is reworked to include chicken or any other meat of his choice his royal highness just refuses to even sniff at his plate. If all else fails he just flattens himself on the floor like students on strike, facing water pistons! 
Pugmon is as confident as any ‘Big Dog’ out there, with a giant of a personality. Doubters might just have to face some ninja moves or usually go home without shoes and so for all his fans he dons yet another T – Shirt captioned ” Being Me ‘.