Rearview mirror
A Rare view


” Sara!! , Yelled George, her Manager. She reluctantly got up from her chair and went up to his cabin thinking, how many good people got carjacked or mugged daily, did they need a google map to this guy! Thinking such deliciously  devilish thoughts to herself, she  opened his door and flashed him a brilliant smile. “Yes George , How may I assist you this evening? .
” Cut your bullshit and tell me what I should do with your report” , He growled. Waving a folder around. ” Perhaps you could whack yourself on your head with it , she murmured silently . ” Yes, you can rewrite the entire thing and present it to me tomorrow, he said walking out before she could open her mouth, as he usually did on such occasions.

The report was about eight pages, on a presentation titled’ How to increase productivity and decrease attrition’, it could have been concluded in one line ‘ Fire George’ . Now the romantic dinner she had planned with her boyfriend had to be cancelled , she would be quite late by the time she got home she thought looking around at the empty office floor. She had worked alone at night before ,the security guys were quite nice. Reaching out to pick up the phone on her desk , suddenly it rang. ” Sara!!! ” someone yelled from the other end ” Come quick” .who is this? ” But the phone had already gone dead . She sat there holding the phone trying to recall whose voice it was, it was a male voice, not her boyfriend for sure,  how did he know her name and where was she supposed to go to .

Dismissing it from her mind she decided to go get herself a coffee from the wending machine , walking down the empty echoing corridor she peered out through the glass window , there was a light of some sort in the parking lot and smoke was coming out from the security station just inside the main gate. Usually the security guys would be there, but she couldn’t see any of them today. Suddenly she saw a figure waving frantically up at her from the gate, she couldn’t see clearly from where she was and decided to go investigate. Getting into the lift she pressed ground, the lift started up and then suddenly stopped with a loud thud.

She pressed the ground button again but nothing happened, looking down she saw smoke coming out from the small gap between the lift and the corridor, she frantically pressed all the buttons and the lift started up again, it began to go down much faster than usual.  Suddenly it stopped and she jumped out , smoke was everywhere, she somehow managed to find her way outside the building. Looking back up she saw the entire building was on fire including the security station. She looked inside the small cabin and a security guard  was lying unconscious inside,  was he the one who waved up at her? She dragged him outside and he began coughing .People were beginning to gather outside and the wailing of the fire trucks could be heard coming nearer, not wanting to stand answering questions she decided to go home.

Stepping on to the pavement she thanked heavens she had taken the taxi to work, her car having gone for the scheduled service. A taxi was coming up behind her slowly, usually she walked further ahead to get one. The taxi stopped and she got into it, not looking at the driver. ” Miss ” it was the driver ” Are you upset about something? ” . ” No ” ” in fact I am very happy , you know something terrible almost happened to me today but thankfully someone was looking out for me and I escaped unhurt” . ” You mean out of the burning building?”  ” Wait a second ” said Sara ” how do you know” ” Miss , I saw the commotion and the smoke” ” Oh yes” now she looked at the driver,  all she could see was a dark profile with a cap. The drivers voice was however starting to sound familiar ” Well you know a couple of strange things happened today , First someone rang me on the phone urging me to come quick, to where I don’t have a clue and later a man, who I am sure is my guardian angel, alerted me, so that I got out of building unhurt.

” Alerted you? How Miss” the car was picking up in speed ” He waved frantically at me and I got out to investigate , in fact minutes before the entire building blew up, it was as if he wanted to me out of the building as fast as possible” ” you mean like that man? The driver said pointing at the Rearview mirror on the passenger side. She leaned forward from her seat to peer into the mirror and indeed there was a figure waving at her, She looked back to see more clearly and suddenly there was a loud bang and then it all went dark.

David was on the phone talking to his mother when the doorbell rang. It should be Sara thought David. Her manager was an ass . He opened the door to see a police officer. ” Are you Mr Isaac , Is Sara King your Girlfriend .”  David nodded ,his heart beating faster. ” Can I come in ? The officer came in and sat on the couch “Mr Isaac, please sit down I am afraid I have bad news for you” David sat down bracing himself .”she was in an accident and I am sorry to say she didn’t make it.” David just nodded,  no words would come out , today was their one year anniversary . ” please leave me alone ” Said David getting up. ” Very well sir, I will leave you alone now, I will come again in the morning for further investigation ” The officer was at the door. ” what further investigation ” asked David. ” we are investigating how she got into the accident on a road which hardly had any traffic, it looks like the car literally rammed itself into the Trailer Truck. ” Obviously the taxi driver was drunk ” Yelled David .

” Sir, Said the police officer in a low tone ” there was no driver ,she was the only one in the car ” . ” But it was a taxi , someone should have been driving it ” Argued David . ” The car was completely wrecked and burned, it seems unlikely the driver could have escaped unhurt” Said the officer in a bemused manner ” but the funny thing is, there is no sign of a driver ever being there in the first place.” .

Next morning, David got up early and freshened himself , though the last thing he wanted to do today was face the world, he still had to make arrangements for Saras funeral. Getting into the car he reversed it out of the garage, onto the road. Suddenly he noticed someone waving at him in the Rearview mirror, not wanting to be late, he drove on and came to a screeching stop seeing a large crowd at the intersection, , he beckoned a cyclist over ” What’s up, Man”  ” A carjack just took place, The guy shot the driver dead and drove away with the car” The cyclist looked flustered . ” I know the dead guy, he is my neighbour George Morgan” David sat there thinking , ” Sara’s Manager was a Morgan, It was highly unlikely it was the same guy.”

Once back on the busy highway David thought how narrowly he escaped getting shot today, he was now sure it was Sara he saw in the Rearview mirror, he should have looked back to make sure. Maybe she was his gaurdian Angel, protecting him. Would she be there if he looked again?, and he looked into the mirror……….

Picture Credits: Manoj S K (FB)