Signal flag oscar
Signal Flag Oscar indicates “Man Overboard”


Scene 2
Year : 2016
Time : 11.30 pm

Breathing is getting harder, heart racing as if in the last lap of the race of my life, it’s getting darker and darker, all of a sudden I see a blur of light up ahead and with a gasp I am out. What happened , was it a dream.?

No, I just came up from underwater with ‘Drogon’ in the Game of Thrones! The entire shot literally made me feel like I fell overboard a ship into the bottomless sea.

Scene 1
Year : 1983
Time: 8.30 pm

Endless body of water, blood curdling screams, blood and gore everywhere , I can only see bits and pieces of the scene unfolding before my eyes from behind the chair, it’s coming nearer and nearer, finally with a earth shattering explosion everything goes black.

It was the climax scene of ‘Jaws’ , The entire movie, eight year old me hid behind the chair, peeking at the screen despite me at every scream. The movie frightened an entire generation, keeping them away from the beach and me from my bath.I held the strong belief that no sooner I closed my eyes and poured water over my head, I would find myself in the deep open sea, complete with the ginormous shark coming up from beneath me. If I had my way I would have stopped bathing altogether. The nail on the coffin came when I saw Psycho and the shower scene, now the shark had Mr Bates riding on him!

Water is quite the destroyer, tsunamis and floods standing testimony to the immense destructive power of water. But what I fear more is its vastness, the endlessness, and what lurks unseen beneath, in its bottomless depths.  Surprisingly I do not fear the lake, on the shores of which my home is built and I spend all my youth,this unexplainable phobia, only with fictional and unknown bodies of water which I conjure up in my mind and somehow always manage to end up in.

Life too is vast and endless, in a way like an endless canvas of water where we drift along, some for months, others for years, before we get to the proverbial Island of opportunities and happiness. Many perish at sea itself due to natural causes and make do with a sea burial without prayers and dear ones to pay the eulogy, others meet their end at the hands or jaws of the many unseen creatures lurking beneath the surface, a burial even at sea denied, yet there are many who survive despite all the odds and manage to reach the sunny tropical island of riches.

Maybe what I fear is life itself, not the water, fears and anxiety manifests itself as the ocean and its currents ,the many demons we face in our everyday life. Finally the day dawns when we realise the uselessness of thrashing about in the water and instead learn to swim with the currents , believing in ourselves and following our passions, and along will come that rescue ship, or the island, we were eagerly looking out for.

And yeah I am back to taking baths and showers , I know some of you out there will want to know( winkey face smiley), the sunny island or the ship might still not be in sight but I have learned to swim with the Sharks and as for Mr Bates he can go take a cold shower for all I care !.

Picture Credits: Manoj S K (FB)