All the world is a stage, yet few get the lead roles!

Girl gymnast
Role Model


Based on True Stories ;

Walking home from work after dark, you happen to be a Woman/ Girl in India, dosent matter you age, city or the state, chances are you will keep looking over your shoulders, be it a lonley road, busy street or the bus stop. You fear the staring men, the leering boys, the dissapproving old men and even the occassional women.

Trivia 1: Men are in the lead role here, not necessarily the heroes but trying telling them that. Women need equal role? Better start your own show.

On weekends I usually visit my brother , who runs a couple of bed and breakfasts. Lounging lazily reading a paperback, I heard a commotion, investigating, found my brother in a flustered state pointing up at the ceiling, fearing the worst I climbed up on a chair, snakes on the ceiling? Flying snakes? The housekeeping boy came armed with a magazine, I looked at him dumbfounded, ” Are you going to whack the snake on its head?” ” What Snake?” my brother looked suspiciously at the floor. ” The one on the ceiling” I told pointedly. ” its not a snake, its a lizard” Contributed ,Alok the housekeeper. Guests dissaproved of cockroaches and rats but harmless house lizards? No wonder hotels usually looked so sterile.

Trivia 2: Humans are in the lead role, creatures big or small, who spoil the show are escorted off stage!

She was one of the most respected doctors of her times, my husbands aunt is now eighty years old, a childless widow, she stays cooped up inside her house whole day, her only companion, a home nurse, who promoted herself to the post of a self styled bouncer, chasing away well wishers and relatives alike, her vast wealth being the prime attraction, too old to care, the doctor has seemingly surrendered to her fate.

Trivia 3: The young and healthy are in the lead here, old and the weak, your days of running the show is over!

Walking along the lakeshore, I chanced upon my neighbours, the mussel catchers, chatting with them, they revealed some shocking truths, how the lake which once used to teem with giant mussels now barely had even any baby ones. The seafood companies had cleaned up the lake, even the baby mussels swept up for poultry feed.

Trivia 4: Money can buy you the lead roles, wish to run the show? Show me the money!

Humans, Men, The young, Money, just a few of those who/which run the show on this giant stage of ours.  The leads decide the supporting roles and sometimes altogether deny others, roles. The reason some turn into Tragi- Comedies, when the leads are put in their place by brave men and women who demand worthy roles. Our world is a stage big enough to be shared by men, women, animals, the young and the old, denying roles can result in tragedies of war. Earthquakes and Epudemics too just natures way of grabbing the lead away from those who try to upsurp it.

Humans, Animals and Nature can together make beautiful awe inspiring musicals, ones which the next generation would love to watch, take notes from and create new and improved versions of. We might not win the Oscars straight away but far better than the Razzies we are headed for anyways. Diversity needs voice on screen and  off the screen for award winning performances. As for the little lizard heard he has had enough and is talking scripts with the  Godzilla team!

So ladies and Gentlemen, let the real show begin…

‘There is another world, but it is in this one.’ WB Yeats.