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Ghosts of My Childhood

Childhood was no child’s play, at least in my opinion.

Shadow Land

Pampered rotten as a child, I was easily spooked. Continue reading “Ghosts of My Childhood”


Why do I write?

The Wild One

Writing maybe the ‘Noblest’ of profession but it is also the most unpredictable. A writer is often an adrenaline seeking junkie jumping off the cliff into the abyss of the unknown.

If he survive , well and good , praised and lauded , else, RIP ..we told you so ..

Much like the voyager, Surfer or the Bungee jumper , venturing into the unknown to seek, that far away wilderness, that perfect wave, that unconquered cliff, I write to quench the restless spirit within, which will not rest till I reach that place beyond the rainbow.

Saying that my dog is looking at me with an expression which says” Really ? You dont wish your blog will be read by a million people and you become rich and famous and go to Vegas” . What!!!..Bad Dog !

Now tell me ” Why do you write?”

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