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Forty Smiles !

Say Cheese !

I am forty, which I have serious doubts about, Continue reading “Forty Smiles !”


Its Showtime !

All the world is a stage, yet few get the lead roles!

Girl gymnast
Role Model

Continue reading “Its Showtime !”

Quotes & Fun

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Ghandhi

Intelligence is creativity having Fun.

Albert Einstein

If we are to have peace on earth …our loyalties must transcend our race, tribe, our class and our nation; and this  means we have to develp a world prespective.

Martin Luther King


I was challenged by Meher Ghandhi.

Meher , Here you go..

Everyone is invited to give it a go and have some fun!…

Just post three quotes of your choice…



Man Overboard !

Signal flag oscar
Signal Flag Oscar indicates “Man Overboard”


Scene 2
Year : 2016
Time : 11.30 pm

Breathing is getting harder, heart racing as if in the last lap of the race of my life Continue reading “Man Overboard !”

An Indian Summer Club(Adventures of Pugmon the Pug)

Cracking the Code


If ever there was one word which evoked a legion of emotions, it is Death, Continue reading “Cracking the Code”

Ghosts of My Childhood

Childhood was no child’s play, at least in my opinion.

Shadow Land

Pampered rotten as a child, I was easily spooked. Continue reading “Ghosts of My Childhood”

Love Bites !(Pugmon the Pug)

   “When you grow a dog, you learn to grow a dog!”

Professor of Love?

For some, dogs are just that ‘Dogs’. For that matter much of the animal world is a mystery to quite a few of us. Dogs in general get a bad rap, Dogs bite..Period.

The comment was sarcastically passed by a lady who was encouraged to adopt a dog , as companion for her autistic son.

Such ignorance is not uncommon, to begin with dogs are not trees that you plant and just grow on its own. You bring a puppy home much like you bring your baby, love him, care for him and you have a companion till death do you apart.

Pugmon shadows my mother rivaling any elite security force, Every room is thoroughly combed for potential threats before she is allowed in. The other day a bewildered house lizard was almost arrested and deported. But babies and kids get a free pass, somehow he always sense their innocence.

Take a chance on a dog , a cat or a stray , they will teach you a thing or two about pure love and life lessons free of charge.

So a shout out to the lady out there “Open your heart and let in some paws” .




Why do I write?

The Wild One

Writing maybe the ‘Noblest’ of profession but it is also the most unpredictable. A writer is often an adrenaline seeking junkie jumping off the cliff into the abyss of the unknown.

If he survive , well and good , praised and lauded , else, RIP ..we told you so ..

Much like the voyager, Surfer or the Bungee jumper , venturing into the unknown to seek, that far away wilderness, that perfect wave, that unconquered cliff, I write to quench the restless spirit within, which will not rest till I reach that place beyond the rainbow.

Saying that my dog is looking at me with an expression which says” Really ? You dont wish your blog will be read by a million people and you become rich and famous and go to Vegas” . What!!!..Bad Dog !

Now tell me ” Why do you write?”

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