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An Indian Summer Club(Adventures of Pugmon the Pug)

Gods Own !(Pugmon the Pug)


Pugmon is one lucky boy! Gets to live in a place of jaw dropping beauty, his very own piece of paradise. 



                                                Backyard to Kill for !



                Lake Vembanad

When u step into my backyard you get teleported back to the begining of creation. The largest lake in the state sits right there in all her glory. Something I took for granted growing up, now really starting to value this slice of heaven crafted as if for my personal enjoyment. 
Shots taken in the noon with the sun glistening over the waters. 
Pugmon loves to run on the grassy meadow along the lake. Having someone watch over him gets on his nerves, big boy attitude and such, pugs have flat snouts and nose, nothing much to write home about , sure wouldnt survive a jolly dip in this large pool!

An Equal opportunities Employer !(Pugmon the Pug)

The worlds youngest billionaires have nothing on Pugmon. He could easily give them a run for their money if he so wished !


            Times ‘Dog of the Year ?

Just 30 days old he left his home and his family ,Within days he found a new place to set up shop ; Our home.
As luck would have it my mothers resume caught his eye and lo and behold an unassuming lady landed herself a high profile job. 
The rest as they say is history ; Getting appointed as the Food & Beverage manager of such a young acheiver keeps you literally on your toes. 
Yes….30 days old & a great employer…Beat that or rather Trump that !

Happiness Equals Great Friendship !(Pugmon the Pug)

Old and new friends make everyday a perfect day for Pugmon!

                         Friends Forever 
Though battered beyond recognition Mr Teddy is an old and trusted companion .The new girl in pink though will have to put in some work to get into his good books . Fingers crossed she makes the cut !

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