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Forty Smiles !

Say Cheese !

I am forty, which I have serious doubts about, Continue reading “Forty Smiles !”


Man Overboard !

Signal flag oscar
Signal Flag Oscar indicates “Man Overboard”


Scene 2
Year : 2016
Time : 11.30 pm

Breathing is getting harder, heart racing as if in the last lap of the race of my life Continue reading “Man Overboard !”

Rearview (Short Story)

Rearview mirror
A Rare view


” Sara!! , Yelled George, her Manager. She reluctantly got up from her chair and went up to his cabin thinking, how many good people got carjacked or mugged daily, did they need a google map to this guy! Thinking such deliciously  devilish thoughts to herself, she  opened his door and flashed him a brilliant smile. “Yes George , How may I assist you this evening? . Continue reading “Rearview (Short Story)”

Why do I write?

The Wild One

Writing maybe the ‘Noblest’ of profession but it is also the most unpredictable. A writer is often an adrenaline seeking junkie jumping off the cliff into the abyss of the unknown.

If he survive , well and good , praised and lauded , else, RIP ..we told you so ..

Much like the voyager, Surfer or the Bungee jumper , venturing into the unknown to seek, that far away wilderness, that perfect wave, that unconquered cliff, I write to quench the restless spirit within, which will not rest till I reach that place beyond the rainbow.

Saying that my dog is looking at me with an expression which says” Really ? You dont wish your blog will be read by a million people and you become rich and famous and go to Vegas” . What!!!..Bad Dog !

Now tell me ” Why do you write?”

Pugmon vs World !(Pugmon the Pug)

Standing barely inches from the ground, Pugmon is no pushover. Regal in bearing and confident as a Ninja, always wears his unseen T-Shirt captioned ‘ Take Me As I Am ‘


           ” YoTalking to me ?”

In the world of lilliputian prejudices; often labeled ‘ Too Tall’ , Too Fat, Too Dark, Too Short , introvert , moody, the list  goes on to the moon and back. Never allowed to forget , Never allowed to be us ,we always have a mask at hand. 
 Pugmon and his kind , their cat cousins , horses, birds & bees comes in all shapes and sizes and we invaraibly find them fascinating and cute.
There seldom is an ugly dog or too white cat or a too brown horse. Not so lucky we get measured on looks, colour, the works, not only by others but even by the mirrors on our walls.
Pugmon hates fish ;  no amount of pleading ,threats or bribes can make him eat it. Threats are usually met with an indignant expression of ” Am I a cat ? ” Until the menu order is reworked to include chicken or any other meat of his choice his royal highness just refuses to even sniff at his plate. If all else fails he just flattens himself on the floor like students on strike, facing water pistons! 
Pugmon is as confident as any ‘Big Dog’ out there, with a giant of a personality. Doubters might just have to face some ninja moves or usually go home without shoes and so for all his fans he dons yet another T – Shirt captioned ” Being Me ‘.

An Indian Summer Club(Adventures of Pugmon the Pug)

If anyone doubted Pugmons credentials as a animal lover , he just might impress you with his brief stint as the Chief of Operations of the local Rats Freemasons Society.
Summer is again the flavour of the month and  Pugmon has his hands full! 
          Red is the new Black 

                      Burst of Gold 


        Bloom of Thorns !


            Summer Delights


                  Tiara of Gods


                  Drops of Sun


     Exclusive  Club Member

 Everyone got rudely awoken at the crack of dawn, Further investigation revealed Pugmon having a animated discussion with a short whiskered squirrel who had arrived with a truckload of materials to build a condo atop our meter box. The terms and conditions couldnt be agreed upon and he moved onto cheaper real estate ! 
Summer reveals all creatures hard at work ; building new nests and remodelling older ones, Caterpillars eating away at the new leaves as fast as they can to attend the Grand Summer Butterfly Prom, Flowers blooming, competing with each other to gift summer fresh nectar to the bands of ants awakened from the long winter chill.
Pugmon too broke his siesta to greet the new tadpoles playing tag in the lotus pond. After being forcibly retired from his last summer job as Chief of Operations, caught smuggling bread and tried for espionage, he is now back at his old job as founder Guru of the Sleeping yoga, the yogic positions he can manage in his sleep is worth a study. 
This Summer like every other, brings birth of hope to myriad of creatures, including us, as we step out of the gloom of dark winter to the light of summer hope..

Gods Own !(Pugmon the Pug)


Pugmon is one lucky boy! Gets to live in a place of jaw dropping beauty, his very own piece of paradise. 



                                                Backyard to Kill for !



                Lake Vembanad

When u step into my backyard you get teleported back to the begining of creation. The largest lake in the state sits right there in all her glory. Something I took for granted growing up, now really starting to value this slice of heaven crafted as if for my personal enjoyment. 
Shots taken in the noon with the sun glistening over the waters. 
Pugmon loves to run on the grassy meadow along the lake. Having someone watch over him gets on his nerves, big boy attitude and such, pugs have flat snouts and nose, nothing much to write home about , sure wouldnt survive a jolly dip in this large pool!

An Equal opportunities Employer !(Pugmon the Pug)

The worlds youngest billionaires have nothing on Pugmon. He could easily give them a run for their money if he so wished !


            Times ‘Dog of the Year ?

Just 30 days old he left his home and his family ,Within days he found a new place to set up shop ; Our home.
As luck would have it my mothers resume caught his eye and lo and behold an unassuming lady landed herself a high profile job. 
The rest as they say is history ; Getting appointed as the Food & Beverage manager of such a young acheiver keeps you literally on your toes. 
Yes….30 days old & a great employer…Beat that or rather Trump that !

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